Adult Fitness

Our adult programs provide individual and group fitness to adults living with disability.  Our facility offers specialized equipment and trained staff to adapt programs to suit all abilities and levels of fitness.  

We offer 3 levels of service to best support our participants: (1) Access, (2) Student led programming and   (3) Staff led programming

Fitness Centre Access - Participants gain access to our specialized fitness facility with set-up support available from floor monitors.  This option offers limited support for those looking to workout independently in our facility. *New participants are required to attend the Intro to Adapted Fitness Class where they will receive a fitness assessment, a program that is created specifically for them, and instruction on how to carry out the program.

Student led instructional programming - Participants receive individual programming and support from post-secondary students overseen by TSC Adapted Physical Activity Staff.

Staff Led instructional programming - Participants receive instructional programming led by Steadward Centre Adapted Physical Activity Staff.  Individual and group programs are available.

How do I get involved?


Here are the steps involved in joining our programs:

  1. Contact Caitlin Wheeler – or 780-492-9236
  2. Complete required paper work (provided by TSC)
    • Registration form
    • Waiver
    • ParQ+
  3. Choose a program (we will gladly help you make an informed decision to meet your personal fitness goals)
  4. Registration & Payment
  5. Schedule a start date
Tours of the facility can be arranged by contacting  – 780-492-9236


The Spring/Summer 2017 registration package is available here.

The Fall 2017/Winter 2018 registration package is available here.