AIMFREE Report Highlights Fitness Facility Accessibility

A report completed by The Steadward Centre for Personal & Physical Achievement highlights the accessibility of fitness facilities in the Edmonton and surrounding region.  Accompanying the report are recommendations and resources, such as an infographic with 12 simple changes that you can make today to help raise awareness and facilitate change.

The report is based on a research project, funded by the Human Rights Education and Multiculturalism Fund, in which The Steadward Centre audited 25 Edmonton and region fitness facilities to identify physical barriers to accessing community fitness centres for people experiencing disability.  To our knowledge this is the only audit of its kind performed in the region.

The AIMFREE audit and report highlights areas of success and areas for improvement in Edmonton facilities, raising awareness among the community and resulting in recommendations for positive change. “We had huge participation in the audit, which shows clearly that although there is room for improvement, there is a strong willingness in the community to work together to be more inclusive,” says project lead, and Steadward Centre Community Transition Coordinator, Bobbi-Jo Atchison. 

“There are many simple, easy fixes that can move us closer to accessible recreation,” says Steadward Centre Director, Karen Slater. Slater adds that The Steadward Centre offers training, and audits are available for interested facilities. 

Infographic, Full Report and Report Summary