Our Strategic Direction and Initiatives

Our Mission

Inspire individual achievement in Adapted Physical Activity and Para-sport by conducting and applying innovative research, widely sharing expert knowledge and delivering highly successful programs for individuals experiencing disability.

Our Vision

The Steadward Centre is a hub for pioneering, high-caliber, research-based Adapted Physical Activity and Para-sport development. Supported by: 

    • Embedded Research and Teaching 
    • Integrated Continuum of Physical Activity, Fitness and Sport Opportunities 
    • Comprehensive Athlete Development Pathway
    • Strong Strategic Partnerships
    • Progressive Funding Framework 
Our Values 

    • Living with an impairment is best understood by those with an impairment 
    • Adapted Physical Activity and Para-sport development should be accessible by all who choose to participate
    • Innovation is our expectation 
    • Our decisions and approaches are informed by research, and our work informs our research 
    • More can be accomplished in partnership than alone  
    • Meaningful inclusion requires communities and individuals informed about the possibilities

Annual Reports

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Our Strategic Plan 2015 - 2020

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