About Us

Through the development of research and the dissemination of knowledge through education our vision is to support independence and inclusion of children, youth and adults living with impairments in their communities by inspiring: 

  • Excellence and leadership
  • Achievements in personal fitness, motor skill development and athletic performance
  • Meaningful, innovative and applied advancements in adapted physical activity
  • Passion for learning and discovery

What do we do?

We research, educate, and collaborate to inspire:

  • Leadership, independence and inclusion for people living with impairment
  • Meaningful advances in adapted physical activity
  • Achievements in personal fitness, motor skill development and athletic performance
  • Future leaders, educators, coaches and health care professionals
Education & collaboration

Our goal is for every body to have access to physical activity and healthy living opportunities. At The Steadward Centre, we work closely with individuals experiencing disability to creatively address barriers to healthy living. Each individual, student and community organization we work with teaches us and inspires us.

Inclusive Community Exercise Initiative

The TSC has developed a unique model to create opportunities for communities to be inclusive and accessible. For information about how you can become involved please read about our Community Exercise Transition model—People in Motion. More Places. More Often.

APA conference
This conference is the first of its kind in Alberta. We bring together community, research and practitioners to share best practices in Adapted Physical Activity. 

Programs and Service

Our unique setting in the University of Alberta Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation allows us to take advantage of state-of-the art facilities, highly skilled staff, students and faculty to provide individual and group physical activity programs for the Edmonton community. These programs also provide a foundation for ongoing research and community engagement.

  • Adapted Physical Activity for Adults: group and individual fitness programs for adults
  • Free2BMe: Physical Activity for Kids and Teens with Disabilities
  • Inclusive Community Exercise: Education and support for community recreation facilities to support individuals living with impairment
  • Knowledge sharing: presentations, classroom visits, lectures, seminars, conferences
  • Athlete Development: preparing athletes and coaches in the pursuit of excellence in para-sport 


We provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to research, and to learn hands-on skills in adapted physical activity through our on-campus programs.

Why do we do what we do?

Physical activity is an essential pillar to social, physical and mental wellbeing for every body. For individuals living with impairment, physical activity is essential to independence, self-esteem and social inclusion.  


To create, disseminate and apply knowledge of physical activity, athletic development and motor skill development specific to persons experiencing disability.

Our goals are to:

  • advance research
  • provide applied learning experiences for students
  • and offer world class accessible fitness and physical activity programming for children, youth and adults experiencing disability.  (Read about TSC new facilities coming in 2015…)

Our partners

We are grateful for the work and generous support of our valuable partners:

Where to find us

The Steadward Centre is located on the University of Alberta's North Campus in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The Steadward Centre
2-633 Van Vliet Complex
Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2H9

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